Penumbra International, LLC.  is primarily a group of local citizens who believe that Downtown Wichita deserves better than what has previously been proposed. These citizens are the force behind the Wichita River Walk development.

We are proud to present a real plan with real potential that far exceeds anything that has been shown prior.


This concept emerged from a labor of love. A group of local residents were inspired to take action and designed a plan to serve the citizens of this city and help put Wichita on the map.


We believe in our city and our people. That is why this project was conceived from the passion of locals who are working with local leaders, businesses, designers, and builders to make this a reality very soon.

Go BIG Wichita, It's Time !

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Conceptual Design by LK Architecture

The New Century II Plaza will be our AGORA, a place to meet any day of the week. It will be the heartbeat of Wichita.

MARKET Interior.jpg

The International Market will display Wichita's rich culture and heritage.


The new Century II District will provide amenities and destinations for everyone. People of all ages and backgrounds will find something that appeals to them and most importantly, it will create community. Downtown Wichita can be a great destination for you no matter if you come from the East or the West. This is our city and this is our River. 

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This completely pedestrian friendly development will have plenty of green spaces for everyone to enjoy.

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Our River will now be showcased to its maximum potential and will be used for many occasions, including the River Festival.


When Wichita celebrates this will be the place to gather with our fellow citizens.


One of Wichita's greatest assets is the Arkansas River. It is underutilized and in many ways, it has been neglected. The Wichita River Walk proposes a series of destinations along the River that will go as far north to the Castle in Riverside and south past Kellogg. There will be plenty of great reasons to go downtown.


The catalyst to this project will be the new Century II District that will stretch from Douglas Avenue to Waterman Street and from Main Street, all the way to the river. 


Visitors will drive from any corner of this city and county and comfortably park their vehicles in a cleverly located garage. Without crossing any roads, you will be able to walk into the buildings, either outdoors through the plaza or completely protected from the elements into the building through pedestrian walkways, above and below ground.

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The iconic dome will welcome locals and tourists.

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When you arrive at the Century II Plaza there will be no doubt that you've arrived to the Air Capital of the World


This plan will invest in the future of our city, our youth, and our community. Many of the buildings in this design are catered to education, culture, and entertainment.

Performing Arts Center: This facility will include a large venue for Music Theatre Wichita that can also host any Broadway or other travelling show. It will also have a dedicated space for the Symphony and concerts. Additionally it will also include other venues for more intimate performances such as a Black Box Theatre.

Air Capital of the World & Innovation Museum: This museum will embrace and define our title of Air Capital of The World. When visitors arrive to the Century II District, there will be no doubt that they have arrived to the city where so many pioneers and visionaries changed the world of aviation and changed the world.

Oceanic History Aquarium: This creative concept brings something to Wichita that doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. The Aquarium will be in the former Public Library that we are relocating along the river. YES! We will repurpose the historic shell of the former Public Library and give it new bones, a new roof, and new LIFE ! This will be another great destination along the Arkansas River.

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The former Public Library building will be relocated along the River and will become the one and only Oceanic History Aquarium with a unique exhibit of fossilized creatures that lived back when Kansas was at the bottom of the ocean.

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On the east side of the aquarium there will be a plaza where a giant screen will display free movies that will teach our youth about the ocean and our planet.

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The new Performing Arts Center will be an icon of this city and it will embrace the River. An amphitheater between them will provide the opportunity for local artists and performers to entertain anyone who comes down to the Wichita River Walk.

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The Air Capital of the World & Innovation Museum building will have a wing that extends all the way to Main St. This space will display aircrafts from the past but also the future designs.


This project will be built for today's world but thinking of the future. It will incorporate emerging technologies that will allow the buildings to generate their own energy in a responsible manner and also have the flexibility for future modification and adaption to future technologies. We learned that the most responsible way is to design facilities that can adapt to the changes that occur during the lifetime of the building.

Every building in this project will use alternative sources of energy. These will include geothermal, wind, hydro-power, and solar. In fact, the tent-like structure emerging from the center of Century II will have a smart skin that will collect energy from the sun rays.

After you've enjoyed the amazing views from the top of the tower, ride a gondola directly to the baseball park to watch a game. A separate gondola will head towards Delano. This unique project bridges the gap between the East and the West in many ways.

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Destinations along the river. If you are going across to the west or the east, the options will be plentiful.


Decades ago, our downtown, along Douglas Avenue used to be full of commerce, entertainment, and fashion. We believe that the new Century II District will breathe new life to our city's core. It will activate Douglas Ave. and create a new chapter. 

In the center of Century II will be the new International Market. This world class market will make this a Must Visit Destination to anyone who visits our city. It will also be a place for locals to grab lunch during the work week and to find fresh produce and more.

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The buildings in this new Century II District will be diverse in use and what they offer. There will be mixed use buildings such as the one above where quality apartments will be above retail on the ground floor, including a much needed grocery store.

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A retail plaza will be another destination along the River as well as a great place to stop on your way to and from the baseball games.

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The proposed Convention Center will be able to host any regional or national convention. Wichita is geographically an ideal location for people to fly from any corner of the country. This new district will provide all the important services needed for these types of events.

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It is a new day in Wichita. This city has a lot to offer to its residents, the region, the country, and the world.

GO BIG, It's Time !